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Amana Dishwashers

Explore our incredible selection of Amana dishwashers.

With two types of dishwashers, Amana helps you manage post-meal messes.

Need to tackle a stack of dirty dishes, but unsure if your dishwasher is up to the task? Amana dishwashers are designed to help you manage messes in the kitchen. Compare dishwashers with top-control and front-control to see how we stack up. Amana offers the most powerful motor on the market3 in all our models, so you know our dishwashers can handle messes of any size. Check out the different types of features on our kitchen dishwashers to choose the best model for your messes. Whatever type and features you need, choosing a Amana dishwasher means you’re getting a tough appliance that scrubs dishes clean.

SoilSense Cycle

Auto-senses the size and soil level of your load to get just the right clean – so you don’t have to make any of the dishwashing decisions.

Triple Filter Wash System

Helps you skip the pre-rinse so you can spend less time scrubbing.

Fully Integrated Console with LED Display

A sleek, stylish look hides the controls and makes selecting cycles a breeze.

Featured Amana Dishwashers